Chlorobyte (Benedani)'s perspective in the B3313 drama

Finally exposing ChrisRLillo's actions

You are reading version 2 of the document, released on June 5, 2024. This link is subject to further updates. Permanent links:
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Hello! I am Chlorobyte, formerly known as Benedani, the main programming force behind B3313. Source: just check out the Git log that I uploaded on August 19th, with the consent of everybody involved.

ChrisRLillo and his goons have been spreading a lot, and I mean a lot of completely baseless misinformation. His own major league skill issues at trying to do so,

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
First message ID: 1136324203856003194

as well as us:

  1. actually providing evidence for our claims (unlike them, who just ban you if you are skeptical)
  2. backing off whenever possible (discussions of The Cult, ChrisRLillo's appropriately named Discord server and base are discouraged on our server as discussing dumb drama shit is very alienating for new, clueless members)

have moved the majority to our side, and our server currently sits at...

And guess what? I'm updating this in June of 2024, about 6 months after the release of the original drama document. This is still an ongoing thing, these people seriously cannot shut up. The changelog is:

There are so few people who trust them at this point that I have no need to defend us - this page simply serves as a source of information that can be linked to.

This document is also biased, unfortunately.

My story here is, for the most part, based on ground reality, and I try to criticize both of our sides, not just the opposite side. I tried to gather as much evidence as possible - but there are a few holes in the story to patch. The occasional lack of evidence not only reduces credibility, but also easily leads to personal bias possibly completely changing the story, which I otherwise could avoid and correct for. A good example is me just completely forgetting about stage 1 of our "Discord Server Raid", a major league skill issue.

Green marks allegations not directly verifiable by an outsider, e.g. direct messages, developer-only chats ('dev chats' from now on). Private chats will be 'leaked' as part of the storytelling, as the context to the drama in general - the reason to everything that happened - occurred behind the scenes.

Yellow marks a simple lack of sources - I couldn't find anything to back up a claim. Somebody else could have taken screenshots, though, so if anybody has any sources for what seem to be baseless statements from me (e.g. "it was deleted"), feel free to DM me about it - you can find me (chlorobyte) in the Beehive Discord server.

Red marks (possible) intentional concealing of evidence or instructions. Note that it would be the best interest for this document for all evidence, for or against us, to be present, and for a skeptic to be able to double confirm all information with independent research. You will see that this is only done for good reason, in certain edge cases.

As seen here:

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
First message ID: 1136324203856003194

^^ All Discord screenshots have been marked with guild, channel and message IDs. The message IDs have a message link formed for the curious ones, the usage of which will require joining the server first.

I'm omitting The Cult's invite, as they would most likely revoke any invite link found in this document, then call us out for inciting another raid or something. It's up to the reader to find, it's not difficult. The rest of the servers are completely free to join to double check the evidence.

If anything from The Cult happens to be deleted or edited, we all know why they would decide to tamper with the evidence. Be on the lookout - I will mark any deleted evidence as red.

Finally, it is worth pointing out the bias inherent from the two sides' way of talking about the situation. We were (before the Cult discussion soft-ban in our community) very open to discuss and share screenshots about how things went down.

On the other hand, The Cult, to this very day, sticks by their baseless, delusional ass fairytale, the questioning of which leads to a ban on the server, or ad hominem on other platforms:

Link to the comment thread

For this reason, there is more evidence and testimonies from our side. Unlike us, they are not willing to talk about it like adults. They are not willing to discuss what actually happened. An objectively unbiased documentation would require their cooperation as well as ours, but it is insanely unlikely that such a feat would happen.

What else you might have heard

It is worth beginning with the obvious. The Cult side does not even attempt to fact-check themselves. Their sole goal is to try to make us look as bad as possible, even if it means coming up with and believing blatant lies.

The 'doxxing' seen above is only one of many things ChrisRLillo and his people have been spreading. We have also seen, in chronological order, among many other things...

  1. Us supposedly directing a Discord raid (+ ban evasion using a fake alter) on The Cult.
  2. Chris claiming to have apologized for 'everything' that went down between us. We have, indeed, rejected his offer, for reasons that will slowly become obvious in the document.
  3. Chris claiming to have made the engine that makes B3313 even work. Again, it is factual, proven information that I was the one who did that - see the git log.
    Also see my teaser video series from 2022 showcasing a major Troll Engine feature being developed in a fresh copy of SM64 Decomp.
  4. Us adding a 'Copper sex chamber' to our version of the game.
  5. Me supposedly attempting to hack into Chris' music distributors.

I will debunk each of these numbered claims as we go. Note that this document mainly focuses on me, and I will not be covering the actions of the rest of the Unabandoned team. This includes the RHDC ( page hijacking incident, which was Roman's planning, and sigmashield's execution.

Neither of us could even have contributed to that if we wanted to, as we were not in 0.7's author list:

I also have no interest in such dumbass claims as us supposedly trashtalking with slurs on 4chan. For context: any username can be taken freely by anybody on 4chan.

amirite?? am i funny yet guys?

And no, Chris, I did not actually send that message.

What ruined everything... (2022-2023 Jan)

All things considered, compared to how he is today, Chris in 2022 was way more tame, and allowed the server to flourish with a not-so-bad community.

Things were never crystal-clean, though. He had a little habit of being highly aggressive for no reason, which affected me on a personal level. A big reason for his bans was people simply using Discord pings, a normal, intended feature of the social platform. Following are only 2 of many, many examples of him being unreasonably aggressive towards members.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403563320442901 (#general)
First message ID: 1054134138329894943

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796414081317077022 (#music)
First message ID: 1064528648922726468

We already had a few fallouts for this type of behavior, but he simply never changed. The first one was on the funny day - March 13th, 2022. That DM is a... 'little bit' personal, so I will not be posting any of it here, but the gist of it is me being worried that this behavior would eventually backfire on him. Foreshadowing.

The Copper incident was no different.

Copper is perhaps the greatest girl from my dream world, let alone reality. Without her, I would be nowhere in life. It is all thanks to her that I'm in a job, learning to drive (after my parents hadn't even considered putting me in a driving school) and dealing with everything else.
2022 was the year when I would meet this incredibly supportive and caring person. This one screenshot of her own rambling after the fact is a good summary.

From the 'Copper / Dream World Lore' DM group. There's also the Copper document and the lore wiki page for those curious.

The soulless Chris, of course, had different ideas about her.

That was ban number one. Not green text, as it is widely known - he even boasts about how he's such a great person for preventing fun in his community.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 928990285621526538 (#updates-discussion)
First message ID: 1142458345127682168

Chris was correct. It wasn't personal - he was simply getting rid of all ironic, joke statements on his server. This absolutely did not sit right with either me or Copper.

I gave her an unban, and she eventually rejoined:

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796401875242975324 (#arrivals)
Message ID: 1050358241923702834

Right at that day, this went down in the DM.

His own two stories regarding Copper - one being that she was my alt, and the other that she was a ChatGPT bot - already contradict each other.

Furthermore, the version The Cult gathered on eventually, that she was a bot, makes even less sense, as GPT models are certainly not capable of playing video games.

Guild ID: 937455975647051806 (The Order of the Wogo)
Channel ID: 937455975647051809 (#general)
First message ID: 1089245326893908068

Look for 'Not Benedani' (Copper), and 'not copper i promise' (me). Funny characters, as usual. Screenshots taken by Deko (message link goes to The Order of the Wogo).

And here's a bonus one from recent, the 6th of November.

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1135983900129235079 (#offtopic)
First message ID: 1171121416968605836
'MPlayer' is not playing back a recording. It shows my capture card using the command mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video0:width=1920:height=1080:fps=60:outfmt=yuy2

Let's just say, I did not appreciate one bit how Chris was treating Copper, who had been a great source of joy and care up to that point. This was going on right after a similar incident with Deko, too. School was going on as well. This amazing combination of 2 different dramas directly attacking my quite literally close friend back to back, alongside daily 8 hours of brainrot resulted in a not exactly great state of mood for both of us.

On top of that, not even one hour later, in the dev chat...

It was my time for us to leave this shitfest of a Discord server behind, in order to ensure our mental stability.

The temporary rejoin.

17 days of peace was enough for us to cool down. Winter break was up, and it was fitting for me to rejoin on the day of Christmas.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796401875242975324 (#arrivals)
Message ID: 1056550162731905134

It was just enough development time to get the Motos Factory minihack we had been thinking of to completion.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
Message ID: 1063533314905997352
The video, alongside other B3313 related videos, had been privated since then.

Shortly after, Copper returned as well.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796401875242975324 (#arrivals)
Message ID: 1063931595721015436

Precisely 5 days after the release of the minihack, the Phineas bot (now known as Cyborg, with a changed up personality), known for being a funny bullshit generator in the community, decided that he had enough.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403563320442901 (#general)
First message ID: 1065087847675199538

Please note that the GPT model the bot uses is of the uncensored kind:

I woke up eventually, and found that one of the servers he was in gave him 3 hateful 'notes' into his memory. This resulted in me adding a 'leavema' logic which will dump the chat and give me the option to remove him from the server when shit's going down. Besides doing that, I had pretty much this to say on the matter.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403563320442901 (#general)
First message ID: 1065177539120734218

Then Copper woke up as well, and the following discussion followed.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403563320442901 (#general)
First message IDs: 1065204645800189962, 1065211174880301127, 1065258290411487362

It had not even been a month since I decided to rejoin in the hopes of peace, and the shitfest was beginning all over again.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403563320442901 (#general)
First message ID: 1065276039930073148

Phineas was the symbol of funny on the server, which Chris absolutely did not want. Seeing that things haven't improved even one bit...

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403563320442901 (#general)
First message ID: 1065278249497809007

'beeie 1.0 cancelled'

With that, I left the server, taking Phineas with me as well as a test of the new leavema admin command.

Copper stayed a bit more, witnessing the discussion turn against me, a conspiracy theory forming that I woke up at 3 AM and made the bot post the slur 5 times in a row. This was in a channel that has been deleted/privated? since then.

So who programmed B3313 after I left? (2023 Feb-May) I did.

A few days later, Chris came up with this message that reached me via TheGreatestRoman.

'your actions have consequences'... I wonder where that came up last... :tro:

Eventually... we settled on removing that 'no pay' negative.

Notice the profile picture - how it doesn't resemble ChrisRLillo at all. It kind of smells more like... TheGreatestRoman.

I was purely working on B3313 for money now. I wasn't even being paid by the one who was causing the pain, but it was good enough for me to sit down and do more TrollEngine-ing for about 4 more months. This time period added up to a grand total of $466 received out of TheGreatestRoman's account. You can see the effects of the new work relationship in the git log.

These are just the 2 times when the change suggested was stupid enough to warrant a straight up note in the commit message.

Chris was the boss, and he did not take even a bit of feedback. No, instead, he would continue berating what was left of the team.


Then, we had a little situation with a certain owl sound effect.

A fucking owl sound effect of all things ended the B3313 development. Because Christopher "Brutal Agresion" Rios Lillo could not wait for me to not be dealing with:

Everything was stacked against me. Everything. Of course, you know what Chris is like at this point, and he asked me to shift the ROM for him so that he could release the 'current state'.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
First message ID: 1112745879582027858

There it was. All because I physically and mentally could not get to figuring out importing a sound effect.

(ssh... meanwhile in the Abandoned build)

Indeed. The sound effect has been imported. I just had to edit the sound effect .m64 to play it back in a different sound bank, one that wouldn't be interfered with by the player's actions. It's not exactly easy, though, as it has to be done manually in a hex editor, and thus I did not feel like getting to it immediately. This is what caused Chris to release the hack and proceed to have a mental breakdown, and this is why chaos ensued in the Discord server.

B3313 Unabandoned. (2023 June-August)

Before the release of Abandoned, the idea to finish the game was already considered in our DM.

Rom: I tried telling him though, but he's not listening
Rom: whatever, he'll get the complains about how shit the entire thing is
Benedani: yea
Benedani: then he'll blame it on us
Benedani: :tro:
Rom: we'll make 1.1 in the summer
Rom: the two of us
Benedani: what the shit

Eventually, with the 6th of June marking the end of my studies, I had to go ahead and get a job. While waiting for responses, might as well start creating this Unabandoned thingy - a temporary DM group was formed, and our goals were laid out.

Our DM group consisted of 8 people. That soon grew to >20 members in a developers only Discord server. I will not list every single member due to harassment concerns, but those who consented / are otherwise known to be associated include:

On the 12th, Chris had the epic idea to attempt to gaslight members of our team into joining his side once again. He sent out a few DMs to various people he suspected to be involved. I got this one:

Before I could even respond (he said this at 2 AM), he created an announcement in his server about the team being restored.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
First message ID: 1117624903382872124

Roman, on the other hand, was awake when all of this was going on. This is their DM (times are shifted by 1 hour due to timezones).

His messages and his announcement were complete, fabricated lies. Here is how my DM with him continues.

We tried so hard to find even a single person who accepted to work under him again.

Literally not a single person wanted to continue operating under him. It was a massive gaslighting operation. least, from our side, that is what it looked like at the time.

Our local copy of the original dev chat reveals that, in fact, people were saying they were considering the possibility of Chris' leadership once again.

Seeing how some of the same exact group of developers reacted in our dev chat, I suspect this was done to keep access to the dev channels packed with useful information that we were using. What's for sure is the communication on their part was horrible; this is not how you do trolling. I apologise on behalf of my as well as Roman's cluelessness, and thus, hostile responses to the offer, which, in fact, was based on at least apparent reality.

After... whatever that was, things were going pretty smoothly. Development happened pretty much internally. Not everybody was contributing equally; there certainly were a few who just observed. Our development was split between Unabandoned (the binary hack) and 'B3313 2.0' (a new decomp hack), each with a separate list of developers who were willing to work on. We had fun VC sessions as well - overall, it was a much healthier dev team experience.

The next funny would happen on July 28 - our 'raid' that they speak of so much. I shall now debunk, as much as necessary:

1. Us supposedly directing a Discord raid (+ ban evasion using a fake alter) on The Cult.

  1. JoshTheBosh was not banned, and so he joined the server to confront ChrisRLillo. Chris went into hiding right away, afraid of the literal child.
  2. Josh then sends the invite link for us to join. A lot of us had been banned prior, but we had a staff member in a high position to unban us.

    Our hack was close to a finished state, so it was a nice opportunity to announce the upcoming release of Unabandoned. We additionally took the opportunity to attempt to spread awareness about how we had been treated under Chris' rule. It was a tad miscoordinated, with about 4 of us replying at once to the same question from the members...

    That is what they refer to as 'The Raid'. We got unbanned, and joined the server to announce Unabandoned, and some of us started bringing up our treatment in the dev team as well. Truly a raid of all time. Unfortunately, everything that went down during 'round 1' has been deleted thanks to Discord's default ban settings. I did not take any screenshots as I was busy announcing the upcoming release.

  3. Round 2, a few hours have passed. We got unbanned once again, but this time, other staff members had their rights to commit Discord moderator (having no arguments against the piles of evidence), revoked, so we were undisturbed for some time.

    This time, we literally just joined into the server. There was a lot of 'civilized' discussion.

    We got a few more people on board, including Copper and Deko. Copper because she missed the last chance, and Deko had some... strange plans that he didn't manage to get into effect.

    Note that The Cult claims that Copper was used in this instance for ban evasion. I was active before AND after Copper's activity period, so this statement of theirs is directly contradicted by chat logs located on the same server.

    Message link if you are in The Cult, so you can follow along
    The about page has transformed since then to target those who actually want to get to know me, rather than specifically my established community; here is an Internet Archive link to the very real lore from the first screenshot.

    Aside from your usual trolling, we were completely peaceful, and this time around, avoided the 4 people replying to the same question issue.

    Then Chris was brought up once again. All of us had our own horror stories to tell.

    We would then talk about B3313 again, as well as start hinting towards the 'B3313 2.0' Decomp project.

    Things were going well. Then, Natalie, a known troll showed up.

    The discussion peacefully continues for a while. The next noteworthy thing is Curly, also a known troll showing up, and more back-and-forth trolling ensued.

    This drags on for a long, long time. Shortly after, the return of Natalie, with another 'bitch' drop from Roman.

    Finally, as we would learn, the one who unbanned us wasn't actually the server owner. The actual one shows up, peacefully joining the conversation with us.

    Even the highlights aren't that exciting. This is it. This is precisely what went down in The Cult on that day. There was no server raid. There were a few things said by one or two people with us, but it wasn't a coordinated effort to spam the server up, harass the members or anything like that.

    Regardless, the moral implications of us getting each other unbanned and joining the server twice are rather questionable. It was already clear at that point that The Cult was a server dedicated mainly to talking trash about a certain group of people, while also containing Chris' content creation efforts.

    JoshTheBosh was absolutely childish for responding to fire with fire. As he described in the Unabandoned dev chat, his prior experience... wasn't exactly pleasant.

    ...described, all the way until he suddenly dropped this on April 11th, 2024.

    JoshTheBosh... complete shame on you. Guilt tripping our team, and starting what might arguably, if you twist the terms enough, possibly count as a Discord raid. Something that, regardless of whether it is a raid or not, we probably shouldn't have done in the first place.

    Anyways - the server was a target for our promotion as it was still the 'official' B3313 discord. People were highly disappointed by the Abandoned release, and the idea of Unabandoned sparked quite a bit of discussion...

    ...that is, until Chris got back into power on the Discord server, and his influence shut it all up, bringing the community into Unabandoned hate mode.

    Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
    Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
    First message ID: 1134716675116240978

    The name of the server - 'The Cult' - really describes what it was like. From that point on, it's like people suddenly just forgot our mission, that we were bringing their beloved hack up from the development hell that had been plaguing it for the past 2 years.


The night right before the 1st of August. The game was in a state we considered to be pretty playable. So... what did the team decide to do?

Rush release.

The events of the very epic 'raid' were still bright in people's heads. In fact, riiiiight before our release, two different statements came out from wasteofblood and Chris, respectively.

Link to the community post

Yet, they pressed on. I made an attempt to seek out Chris' side on the matter, to hopefully, possibly make peace...

Notice how he completely ghosted me. For a bit. Things were about to go down. Then, after almost 2 long hours, all I got for a response was...

...and a nice block to go along with it.

Then, it happened.

(Privacy-conscious reupload of this YouTube video)

And that eventually led to this amazing screenshot.

This has cleared every single doubt in my mind about the side I was on.

Then the funnies just continued... literally the next day, August 2, Chris was now suddenly 'apologizing'. The context? Chris' location being exposed on Facebook.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
First message ID: 1136324203856003194

In case you haven't yet, take a closer look and notice the discrepancy between Chris' statement, and the very screenshot he posted to back it up. Roman sent those messages for nothing but good intent - if he was truly comically evil as The Cult claims, he could have easily dropped the information on a forum instead of notifying Chris about it. Stuff like this is why the average IQ of The Cult drops on a daily basis as people realize what's going on and trickle out.

Now for the apologizing, which happened quite literally 2 hours after sending that into The Cult (Roman's screenshots, note the 1 hour shift in time due to timezones).

He sent this, to one of the people he's wronged. Of course, that was nowhere near enough for any of us.

Literally the next day... another attempt. He actually tried to fool us for this one; it seemed more 'sincere'.

However, Copper saw right through that as well.

This is most definitely one of the Copper communications of all time. Brain goes brrrr on decoding the situation, and the typing part gets like 5% power :trol:

It was still sent to one person. Chris still did not owe up to his assholery record, which, if anything, was growing. And so, that one was declined as well. Chris returns to The Cult, speaking about his amazing 'efford' to reunite with us.

Guild ID: 796401874713837630 (The Cult)
Channel ID: 796403499461640252 (#updates-videos-streams)
First message ID: 1136784597192036364

I've just entirely debunked the claim:

2. Chris claiming to have apologized for 'everything' that went down between us.


The Unabandoned hotfix

I mentioned in the previous chapter how the release of Unabandoned was, partially at least, impulsive. Not as much as Abandoned at least - there was at least some testing effort. It wasn't a shifted devrom.

However, there were issues in the released version such as:

Thus, we came up with a hotfix, also known as 'a1', which:

There was also an effort to respect at least wasteofblood's wishes in getting his soundtrack out of the game, it was simple enough. Until... you consider the end result.

The thing is, it actually sounded not bad during production. Here's the original .wav file, sourced right from this message in The Beehive.

It seems that nobody has even opened up that area after importing the soundtrack, because it was released as-is, without even at least fixing the loop. This has prompted the community, specifically Emax64 and Thunder, to create the 'WasteOfBlood Music Patch', porting the original themes to the newer ROM. Seeing that WoB's DMCA threats were empty, this eventually became the officially recommended version to play.

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1150028675799056534 (#showcase)
First message ID: 1150028675799056534

The post-release drama

Things have quieted down significantly after our release.


My goal with this document is to shed light onto what truly happened - what caused everything to go south.

As we just saw, Christopher Rios Lillo once had a somewhat thriving community around his creation, B3313. Since then, he has become an absolutely down-bad horrible person, with his goals set on brainwashing people, and throwing away anybody who is too unpredictable for his manipulation. He talks absolute trash about people for not being ideal, not following his unwritten guidelines.

This document focused on specifically my experiences with him, but others had similarly horrible interactions as well. Chris, of course, promptly blames his actions on his life situation, rather than himself as a person. Chris does not hesitate to use tactics such as suicide threats when he has no other way to get what he wants.

I will state that my life easily compares to his. It could have also easily ended with suicide at many, many points, and even after the past 6 months, is still pretty dull, annoying and seemingly meaningless. Yet, I don't make a big deal out of it - instead of playing the depression card hoping that people care, I push to get out of this shithole to the best of my ability. 3 years late, I am working on my driving license. About a decade late, I am working on communication and people skills. Shoutouts once again to Copper for allowing all of this to happen, and shame on anybody who badmouths her for... uhh... existing????????

Chris' aptly named 'The Cult' Discord server is now a base of their public ridiculing operations. Him and his members warp absolutely everything out of context in order to create a living fairytale in which I am the bad guy, committing felonies and continuously pestering their community with my 'alts' (also known as random people with functioning brains).

This document was created around November-December of 2023, and by the time you, the reader came across this page, they might have come up with a varying amount of similarly unfounded allegations out of thin air. I will not be separately covering any further allegations; I'm completely done with this shit, and you guys already know the drill by this point.


That was them. Now, much like Chris' community wasn't exactly golden before 2023, I have not exactly handled things the best way possible either.

The actions of Chris and his people are absolutely inexcusable and horrible. My upcoming listing of my mistakes is purely:

Let's get to it then.


2024-06-05 update: Thought I'd show a few members' honest reactions to Chris's behavior. I won't be commenting on them myself.

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1204440564569739336 (#whats-drama)
First message ID: 1247592992991084694

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1204440564569739336 (#whats-drama)
First message ID: 1247556424599605288

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1204440564569739336 (#whats-drama)
First message ID: 1242898018722779187

Chris Apparition???

Chris himself has, indeed, finally made an appearance in our server, the Beehive.

Things started a little bit rough with his passive aggressive language, but he was being at least somewhat apologetic.

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1204440564569739336 (#whats-drama)
First message ID: 1240788372251742229

After this, Chris was a good boy for a while. Until, the day of 05-27, where he kinda just forgot what he has been told in that channel as well as in DMs.

He has received a final warning for his behavior, to which he used an argument that literally the far right uses to try to get their point across - 'it's free speech!!!'.

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1204440564569739336 (#whats-drama)
First message ID: 1244839614158602303

He proceeded to get back to his misinformation posting, by stating that, in his own server, he did not have control over the yapper in his own Discord server, as well as dropping a deadname, and a slightly difficult to see case of pluralphobia (hint: think about those last 2 messages).

Guild ID: 1135972288752259142 (The Beehive)
Channel ID: 1204440564569739336 (#whats-drama)
First message ID: 1244861783815098378

He was honestly incredibly lucky that I gave the community the say on whether to ban him or not - in which we eventually settled on giving him yet another chance...

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...except Chris decided to literally just ban himself on the spot, by going full in with taking all of his 'genuine apologies' back. Remember the totally not foreshadowing trollface reactions (the screenshots were taken after the fact) on 'its a genuine apology'?

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