Benedani -> Chlorobyte

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v1 (2024-04-01)

Do not worry, I am not going to go on for nearly as long as in b3313drama. In fact, let's get straight to the point.

Why Chlorobyte now?

Perhaps the better question to be asking is: why Benedani?

If you think about it, there is not much of a valid reason for the 'Benedani' username that I had been carrying for the rest of my life thus far. Why exactly was I 'Benedani'? Well, erm... uh...

On the contrary, I can find at least 3 reasons to NOT have this username:

And, most importantly... All it takes to find my legal name from 'Benedani' is - add a space, and 2 letters. Yikes.

Leaving the past behind.

Another motivation for leaving this username behind is how much shit has been associated with this name over the years.

Summary: horrible war crimes I have committed as Benedani. Optional: feel free to skip if don't care.
Trigger warning: mentions of suicide, child abuse, and other, similarly beautiful stuff.
Examples of my prior actions include, but are not limited to:

And... much, much more. At this point, the B3313 drama has also tainted my name somewhat, despite the fact that those allegations are entirely baseless, and dare I say, schizophrenic in nature.

Absolutely not an excuse, but an explanation nonetheless for my prior actions is my unspeakably horrendous life up to this point.

Despite all of what I have done over the internet, the trolling life was still much preferable to reality. I saw it as a much better option; relatively speaking, it was a safe haven.

Even if you (the reader) have never heard of any of this, it does not change that there are horrifying actions associated with the name 'Benedani', waiting to be dug up from Google's index. That name is a reflection of the mass amounts of cringe only possible in one of, if not the most horrible possible life in the 21st century.

Back in 2022, even before Copper, I had already considered an alternate personality, in 'plant'. He was simply a Terraria character created for a run, and I liked the absurdity of simply being called 'plant', with the hair resembling a layer of grass or something.

But most importantly, I had a concrete character associated with me. As a 'Benedani', I was alternating heavily between random Nintendo characters.

'Chlorobyte' is an extension of 'plant'. It is attempt 2 of this identity, after I previously reverted to avoid confusion. The previous attempt was more of an experiment. But now, the more I think about it, the more I want to distance myself from the 'Benedani' name.

Chlorobyte is a plant person who passionately explores the tech world. The green can be considered a reference to the efficiency of my work, both in production time and in runtime performance. The name can be shortened as 'Chloro', 'Plant', or 'CByte'.

Chlorobyte is not only (finally) an actual, concrete avatar for me, but a declaration of leaving my prior life, behavior and actions behind. I am the one in charge, and things will go as I say from now on. I am me - no longer shaped by malice of various forms.

Do not refer to me as Benedani any longer. That name is a symbol of zero autonomy, the control being in the hands of everybody besides me. It invokes heavy trauma and cringe just thinking back at the results of trying to live with actual GTA NPCs.

The abbreviations 'Bene', 'Ben' are also to be avoided. 'Dani' and 'Dan' are acceptable in close circles, the latter being the cute one :3

Sidenote: my parents know me less than street strangers, due to their "established" "knowledge", and lack of willingness to accept that I am not who they think. In general, character development is apparently a rather difficult thing to comprehend. I fully understand the consequences of revealing my past actions for one last apology - and I have no interest in interacting with those who enjoy judging others by pointing out random things they may or may not have done in the past. We'll see the places they will go with that mindset :)

The future

With that out of the way, what happens to the domain? The answer is - I'm letting it expire.

The new location for my blog is, which is currently (at the time of releasing this document) simply a mirror of The old domain is to be deprecated, and later, to no longer refer to me or my work. (It would already be fully deprecated at this point had the software engineer unemployment wave missed me :/)

Domain expiration means will be up for grabs for anybody to control. The 4 stages of expiry are as follows:

When What happens Consequences
2024-06-01 (est.) Complete deprecation This is the one that involves work on my end, in order to distinguish will serve a legacy layout to end users, with a NOTICE OF DEPRECATION banner on top of each page explaining the change. I will already start using 308 Permanent Redirect to signal the change to search engines.
2024-12-14 PremiumDNS expiry Possible reduced performance of the domain. Most links to are to be completely replaced with equivalent ones by this point.
The legacy layout will no longer be available. I will extend 308 Permanent Redirect to end users to redirect them to the new domain as well.
2025-03-30 1 year before domain expiry Instead of 308 redirections working seamlessly, all links will now return a 404 error, signalling that it is no more.
2026-03-30 Domain expiry The domain is no longer under my control. After this point, anybody is free to grab it and use it as they will. All links to are to be completely replaced with equivalent ones by this point, due to the security risk.

Besides the domain expiry and related website work, there is not a lot to look forward to in the projects space. I will be focusing on the following, in very rough chronological/importance order: